V5 ChangeLog

– Right Touch button will open an menu (must be facing forward)
– Now has onward motion where you control the rotation and turning by pointing your left hand
– 3 walk speeds in menu
– Superhot mod built in and can be turned on and off via menu
– Press on left controller to turn on and off teleport via right stick
– Press on left controller for slow mo time
– Click left stick for 6 sec sprint
– HOLD right stick button down for jump, the longer you hold the higher you go, to reach those ledges.
– Removed annoying turn around message for 360 players

BUGS which are being fixed :

– To see the menu you have to be facing forward towards sensors (will be fixed in next version)
– Jump charge bar is the same as above and will be fixed in next version
– Teleport rotation to be fixed in next version
– Prob a few extra bits and bobs
– End of level glitch nearly fixed. We have identified the issue and nearly resolved

Nearly completed for next release

– Remove the need for teleport to start the next section of the gameplay
– Stop movement when build up jump charge
– Menu system to always face player
– Teleport rotation fix
– Also a few little surprises.

Coming very soon

-A rework of the bots to provide a higher challenge when using the loco mod
– Release the gun pack in full

Just overwrite existing locomotion mod

Unpack double click to install, then in games select mods, enable and select mission on the right.

Link to downloadhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/ii4q5g986es4o9r/LocomotionV5.rar?dl=0

Remember at this time Mods cannot be used with the main story mode. When you activate the mod there is a level list down the right hand side, you click one to start.

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