Robomotion 0.2, a fullLocomotion mod with smoth rotation, sprint and jump.

  • LeftThumbstick control the movement
  • RightThumbStick: smooth rotation.
  • Pressing B or Y buttons switch between teleport and full locomotion, in some parts you need the teleport to activate the next wave of enemies.
  • Pressing The RightThumbStick make the player jump.
  • Pressing the leftThumbStick activate sprint.

Important: To be able to use it can not be active another mod that alters the character behaviour. . in other words , the higher mod in the “Active Mods” list will take priority

To install: Double click on the .robo file to run the mod installer.

Mods don’t work in the main game so load map in the mod menu and enjoy! 😉

For 180º Setup use this:

For 360º Setup use this, in this version the message of turn around it has been removed and the character movement direction is where you are looking at:

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