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[TUTORIAL] Simple "Firemode" Pistol Mod , For Robo Recall
This is a guide on how to make a weapon with "firemode" that lets you switch your gun between single-shot and automatic modes so "tmek" from unreal engine forums, created a short tutorial showing how to do that. 

FYI the audio in the video is quiet at the beginning but gets loud about halfway through.

NOTE: I think I left out one detail from the video and that is for the motion controller face button events make sure you uncheck "consume input" and "override parent binding" as shown at 0:53 in the video.

All credit for this goes to Tmek
Just wanted to point out that this burst implementation doesn't make it so that the burst continues if the trigger is released during the burst.
Seeing that the Notify Fired event can't be called manually within the gun mod, I'm assuming a burst (that can continue after release) isn't possible without modifying gun base.?

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