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Some questions regarding mod creation/sharing.
For the record, this is the first time I've ever tried developing content for a VR game.  I've been working with UE4 for over a year, 8 hours a day almost every day primarily in blueprints.

How can you use an open hand to interact with an equipped/held weapon?
(In this video, MGSStudios made a deagle where you can eject bullets by manually pulling the slide back.)
I spent many hours trying to figure out how, but came away with literally nothing.

How/where do you change the Name/Author/Description of a mod after its initial creation? 

Do custom revolver mods need a special setting set in order to be used? I made a custom pistol (custom mesh and sound) using Zak's awesome tutorial. Using that same approach I tried to set up a custom revolver.  When I go to the hub, enable the revolver mod, and go to the gun range, the default pistols are showing up.  

What's the setting for getting a thrown gun to cause damage to an enemy and boomerang back?
I found some vars to adjust damage and force and stuff, but I haven't messed with them.  My guns collide with enemies, but just bounce off them and fall down like soft rocks causing no damage.  (There are two rigid body boxes on the skeleton root bone.  I adjusted the size of the default grab collision )

Thanks in advance for any help!
tmek in Epic's Robo Recall forums answered questions 2 and 3:
② check out tmek's response on this page https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthre...tion-of-it. Warning: Changing the uplugin name itself (in file explorer) seems to render the mod unusable/greyed out

③ To use a revolver, you have to go to the Weapons menu in the hub (accessed via the holotable; same place where you start the gun range.
> go to Revolvers
> Literally grab the Default Revolver model and assign it to 1 of the player's 4 weapon slots by holding the revolver in proximity of a weapon slot (transparent blue pistol icon), and letting go of it. ) The revolver model'll disappear and reappear in the center. If you did it right, you'll notice the blue icon has changed to the default revolver.
> Enable the Revolver in the mod list pane on the left.

I'm still stuck on ① and ④ though.
Bump. Please help! I can't for the life of me figure out how to get thrown weapons to cause damage to enemies and boomerang back. Tried contacting Tonsta, the king of roborecallmods, but got no reply.
④Tonsta31 (person from MGSStudios), has hooked me up!
This is how to fix the problem with the gun not dealing damage to an enemy and boomeranging back:
Paraphrasing the info I received, you have to make sure the following is done in the physics asset:
- collision is on
- CCD is checked
- simulates hit events is set

[Image: 725DoJY.png]
Thanks for posting your solutions to these issues, they will help a lot of people.

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