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Robo Recall Map Mod : Polar Recall
Polar Recall, featuring a brand new arctic-themed map imported from the Unreal Engine showcases. Experience the chills of fighting various enemy types on the cold mountain top and suspended bridge, leading up to the final and challenging Boss fight.

Any feedback is welcome, especially whilst using the Oculus, comment what you would like to see or what kinds of improvements could be made.

This mod was made possible through RoboRevive to suppor my HTC Vive.

For a brief video showing the content of the mod feel free to watch this video:
(For the demo I have limited the Spawn Count of each Character Class.....)
Robo Recall VR Mod :  https://youtu.be/ALkqntxjsBk

Finally to download the mod:***************** NEW OPTIMIZED  ********************

I put a small video with the Console command `stat Unit` to see the performance changing during the game.https://youtu.be/KZDAp2jh8Rg

Thank you Wink

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